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Huskies Not Changing Defense for Sooners

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The Washington Huskies were torched last week by the back-up quarterback for San Jose State because they thought the Spartans were going to bring a strong rushing attack. The Spartans ran the ball 28 times for only 59 yards but they completed 28 passes for 316 yards.

The Huskies aren't going to change anything defensively for their trip to Norman because they are pretty sure that the Sooners are going to bring a strong rushing attack with Adrian Peterson.

"I think it's going to be a much easier week because we kind of know what Oklahoma's running, so that could be a big difference for us," said strong safety C.J. Wallace. "I think it's going to be not as complicated as it was Saturday."

So, facing the 15th ranked Oklahoma Sooners won't be as complicated as San Jose State? I know this isn't the same team as the 2003 and 2004 Sooners but to say defending them won't be as complicated San Jose State is a bit of a stretch.

My football coaching genius only took me as far as the YMCA Championship but I do know that when a team has a glaring weakness you expose it to your advantage. But I'm sure in his coach's meeting this week Bob Stoops said to his guys, "the Huskies can't cover AFL 2 receivers but we have Adrian Peterson so there is no need to pass."

I also know that when your team has a glaring weakness then you fix it! Not Tyrone Willingham, he's playing the Sooners with the exact same personnel that got torched by the San Jose State back-up.

"It's just adjustments, closing lanes down, preventing certain things, adjusting to formations," he said. "We had, I believe, the right personnel groups on the field. We've just got to do it."

Something tells me the OU tight ends are going to have a good day this Saturday.