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Comments on Texas (Round One)

Bob Stoops didn't really have a lot to say about Texas in yesterday's press conference but he did deliver a few usable quotes for us. I expect him to say a lot more next week.

On the team's confidence going into Texas:
"The confidence is strong. We know we have to earn it. I like the way we're practicing and preparing. They'll be excited to play. I realize the experience level from a year ago is drastically different in a lot of areas on our team that really matter."

On the difference between this year and last year's team going into Texas:
"His (Paul Thompson's) maturity and the way he's played through four games and the confidence he's built has been good. The receivers around him and the way they're playing is stronger. All around, Adrian Peterson is a different story than a year ago coming into this game. The secondary is different than what they had experienced a year ago. There's a lot that's different."

On Texas without Vince Young:
"You don't have the plays where people are covered and all of the sudden he still gets 50 yards. That's something that's different. But Colt McCoy is doing a great job of managing their team and the way they play. They are very efficient and they're running the football well with Selvin Young and Jamaal Charles. They have good receivers. They're solid.

Defensively, it's the same. They are very sound in the way they play. It's a good football team and that's what we've expected to see."

You can find out just about anything you want to know about the Texas Longhorns at Burnt Orange Nation. It's a great blog with fair authors.