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Comments on MTSU

Here's what Coach Stoops and a few of the football players are saying about the Middle Tennessee game.

My Opinion on Sports also has an interview with Blue Raiders beat writer Adam Sparks of the Daily News Journal in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Bob Stoops
"Middle Tennessee is a team that is 2-1 coming off a shutout last week. Rick Stockstill is in his first year there and he's a great coach. He's been around a lot of good teams. We're focusing on our improvement and trying to correct our mistakes. We're looking forward to playing here at home."

On the defensive performance:
"It's been terribly inconsistent. I think if you look at it, we've been poor early and we've been poor very late-there's a lot of good in between. The other night in Oregon, defense was part of building that lead. Then at the end, we didn't come up with the plays and the stops that we need. I see it as a lack of fundamentals and technique in a lot of areas. I still believe there is a lot of potential. Last year, we got a lot better as we went. We obviously needed to (this year) and that's what we're pushing toward."

On the offensive performance:
"We're close to having some really big games. I'm very pleased with the way we're managing the game, at the way Paul, Coach Wilson and his staff are trying to move the football. With Adrian, when you have one of the best players in college football, everything revolves around him and it should. He carried a heavy load the other night and after three games, he's averaging about 30 carries a game, that's about what you want. I think it's fair to give him a few more breaks in the game. Not that he needs them, but to keep him fresh. The fact that we play-action to him is only smart."

Defensive Back Reggie Smith
"They will put a lot of pressure on the secondary. It will be a good challenge. We will have to get out there this week, and get to the film room and know exactly what we are doing and what they are doing at certain times. We can't have those mental busts like we have had in the past."

Quarterback Paul Thompson
"I think we got the bad taste out of our mouths for the most part. Our focus is on Middle Tennessee now. Our first practice back yesterday was good. Everyone was saying 'Let's just focus. What happened, happened and we can't do anything about it, let's move on.' I think everyone feels confident in what we displayed last weekend so we can move on from there in a positive way."

On the MTSU Defense
"They're physical. They've forced maybe 11 fumbles this year and they will blitz probably 50 to 60 percent of the time, so we've got to stay on our toes with that."