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Game Day Baby

It's here! It is finally here! It's game day in Norman and it looks like you need to bring your rain poncho.

As you prepare for the game you will want to head over to My Opinion on Sports to read an interview with UAB beat writer Steve Irvine.

What to look for from UAB

On Offense

It seems as if the Blazers are going to try to pound the ball on the Sooners. That could make for a quicker game but it won't make for a lot of points. Look for Corey White (30) and Dan Burks (34) to get most of the carries for UAB. When the Blazers have to throw the ball the Oklahoma secondary needs to know where Norris Drinkard (1) is.

On Defense

On defense the Blazers are going to try to stop Adrian Peterson and make Paul Thompson beat them. Defensive end Larry McSwain (44) and linebacker Orlandus King (11) are the defensive stars for UAB but they may not be enough to make the Blazers defensive unit effective.

What to look for from Oklahoma

On Offense

Adrian Peterson will be the centerpiece of the Oklahoma attack but unlike some may suggest he is not the only weapon. New offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson will get the ball to Peterson in various ways from various formations but the 06 Oklahoma offense will also feature a running quarterback in Paul Thompson, a big game receiver in Malcolm Kelly and a multipurpose threat in Reggie Smith.

The newest weapon in the OU arsenal is freshman tight end Jermaine Gresham. Don't let the freshman part fool you. Gresham is a beast and will have a significant impact in the Sooner attack this season.

I don't think the Sooners can play vanilla against the Blazers. Paul Thompson is going to have to throw the ball and Adrian Peterson, Reggie Smith, and Gresham will have to do their things. The reason why is because after an atrocious start to the 05 season the 06 Sooners have to make a statement from the opening snap to the final second.  

On Defense

The Sooner defense should smother the run and put lots of pressure on the UAB qb's. I think Gerald McCoy is going to redshirt this season but that is because this defensive line is much more than solid. We know the corners are going to be good and linebackers great. We need to see solid play from the safety positions before we call this defense one of the best under Stoops. Check back tonight! The Machine predicts: 41-10 Oklahoma

If you are not fortunate enough to attend the game in person, keep in mind the game is on TBS at 6:00pm. Make sure to check back here for the open game thread during the game.