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Sooners Beat Oregon But Lose to Refs!

Before you call me a whiner and a sore loser go to My Opinion on Sports, view the video and then look at these headlines from across the nation including the state of Oregon.

"Oklahoma made a big statement with its performance Saturday; with this level of football, the Sooners can compete with Texas and the rest of the Big XII. But sadly, Bob Stoops and his players were robbed of a celebration they deserved to have. Such is the awful reality of this game, and its astonishing, ugly ... and tainted ... outcome. Fox Sports.

"We watched the replay of the Oregon-Oklahoma onside kick several times, and we were all in agreement that, while it was close, the Ducks player definitely touched the ball early. It's hard to believe the replay officials watched the same angles and didn't overturn it. Seems pretty indisputable to me." Sports Illustrated.

"No. 18 Oregon rallied past No. 15 Oklahoma with a pair of touchdowns and a blocked field goal in the final 72 seconds, but it was an onside kick failing to travel 10 yards that has Sooners fans steaming mad. To make things worse, the refs couldn't even get the call right with a second look from the replay booth." The Sporting News.

"If we're going to have a group catharsis here, we need to acknowledge that Mr. Magoo must have been working the video replay booth. If they're going to use instant replay and slow down the games and leave players and coaches and fans standing around, they'd better start getting it right." The Oregonian.