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Sooner Offense Has More Than One Dimension

The Myth that Oklahoma can't pass the ball is quickly being exposed as false. UAB and Washington thought played the Sooners with the idea of stopping Adrian Peterson and forcing Paul Thompson to beat them. They both lost! Thompson's passer rating 147.6 and his is averaging 250 yards passing per game.

Now, opposing coaches are realizing that they must prepare for Oklahoma's air attack as well as their ground game. Oregon coach Mike Bellotti said the Ducks will not take Thompson, a fifth-year senior, for granted. Thompson has impressed Bellotti with his quick release and good decision making.

Defending the Sooners as a two-dimensional team makes them more dangerous on offense. Opposing defenses playing the run has allowed Thompson to experience success beyond his skeptics' most critical imagination. Once they begin to back-off to play against the pass Adrian Paterson will explode into a whole new realm of dominance.

Peterson is off to the best start of his Sooner career rushing for 304 yards and three touchdowns while defenses were "keying" on him. The more attention Paul Thompson receives the more dangerous Adrian Peterson becomes. It will take the Sooner offense to a whole new dimension!