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Comments on the Ducks

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Here's what the Oklahoma players and coaches are saying about last week's game against Washington and this week's game with Oregon.

Bob Stoops
On last week's game against Washington:

"The second half we played really good defense all the way up until the last three minutes of the game when we get up 37-13. Now, I was maybe disappointed in the aspect of our defense that we didn't just finish the game like we had played the entire second half.  I want to see more consistency."

"We can be better in some areas and we're working towards that. I thought our kicking game was very good, very strong. Garrett Hartley was excellent. Reggie Smith was exceptional and our return game continues to do very well. AD and Malcolm Kelly had big days. Malcolm had some very big catches and Larry Birdine was the player of the game, defensively."

On Oregon:
"Looking forward to the big challenge this week with Oregon. We've had an exciting series here the last couple of years, meeting them here two years ago and last year in the bowl game. Oregon has a very good, strong program and great reputation. Coach Bellotti does a fantastic job with his coaches, so it's been an exciting challenge the last couple of years and is again this year."

"We've been fortunate the last couple of times to win. We look at this as a total separate issue in that we've got to go there and win this year. We've got two different teams, so it's a big challenge and our players understand that. We're excited about it just because we know the challenge that it is. We know we've got to improve this week in a lot of areas. Overall, we need to improve in our consistency to put ourselves in a position to win out there."

"They have a lot of skill and there are a lot of good wide receivers as well. They spread the ball around and give you all the shotgun formations there are and motion people back to run their options.  It's very similar to what we saw in the bowl game in the way they execute. Dixon, a year ago, still got most of the snaps but I know he rotated some. "

Quarterback Paul Thompson
"After watching film we were definitely close on a lot of things. I felt I could've had maybe three more touchdowns. I apologized to Juaquin (Iglesias) because I had him open on two of them and just kind of missed the throw. We definitely feel like we can build on this game and there is definitely a lot of room for improvement."

"I know what I am capable of and I know what this team is capable of. Going out there, I definitely am feeling real comfortable.  I feel the team is feeling real comfortable and rallying around each other. If the throw is not there at times, we know AD (Adrian Peterson) is going to make a big play and we are able to show, as we did our last game, that we are able to air it out as well."

Wide Receiver Malcolm Kelly
"I am confident in where are. But we have a lot more ability on the offensive end then we showed on Saturday.  Too many dropped balls.  There is a lot of stuff we can still get done, a lot of stuff we can do to become a better offense that we have not done yet.  We need to get to the point where we are clicking on all cylinders."

"We are playing against a high quality team, and we are going on the road into that stadium too.  We just have to come out and play, and let everyone know that we are for real.  If we come with our 'A' game, then we will be able to show everyone that."

Defensive Back Nic Harris
"They are a great team.  All credit to them, they are a great team.  They return a lot of people from last year.  They have a lot of film on us and we have a lot of film on them. We just have to come out, and the better team is going to win.  We have to come out and maintain the motivation and intensity that we have had all week and we should fare well."

On Oregon QB Dennis Dixon:
He is a very shifty guy.  Kind of like the guy from Washington.  You have to keep him contained and make sure we get hands on him, and just start running to the ball.

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