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Only a Major Injury Will Bring Peterson Back

Adrian Peterson is off to the best start of his storied carrer. Through the first two games of the 2006 season he has rushed for 304 yards, campared to 217 yards at the same point his freshman year and 283 yards last season.

Peterson's goals this year are to rush for 2,200 yards, win the Heisman Trophy and get one more shot at the national championship. If it doesn't happen this season it more than likely won't happen for him because this time next season he will be tormenting defenses in the NFL, barring a major injury this season.

"My goals when I got here were win a national championship first and then have an opportunity to win the Heisman," Peterson said.

"Those are things I want to do, but the only thing right now I know for a fact that would keep me back next year is a major injury. God willing, that won't happen."

Peterson has 3,337 career yards rushing and is only 781 yards shy of passing Billy Simms as the Sooners all-time leading rusher.

If he stays healthy Peterson is a lock to pass Billy Simms as the all-time back at Oklahoma. Even if he doesn't win the Heisman and Oklahoma doesn't make it to the BCS title game I say Peterson is gone. As much as we would like him to be around one more season it just won't happen.