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Holmes or Walker?

It appears that DJ Wolfe is done at the starting corner position for the Sooners. Wolfe struggled in the opener against UAB and was pulled Saturday after getting beat by Anthony Russo on a 51 yard pass.

Lendy Holmes replaced Wolfe and did fine on the corner but evidently not good enough to lock down the starting spot. According to Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables Lendy Holmes and Marcus Walker will compete in practice for the starting boundry corner spot.

Who do you want to see win the job? Make sure to vote in the poll to the right.

Other Sooner Notes

Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson changed his attitude about Adrian Peterson's performance from week one to week two. After criticizing Peterson for not playing his best against UAB, he praised him after his performance against Washington. He said Peterson "ran through some trash" for 5- and 7-yard gains when he should have gotten 2 or 3.

Wilson criticism turned towards the offensive line this week. "We had some busts and hits on the QB," Wilson said. "We weren't near as good up front or at the tight end position, which in the first game, we thought those positions played reasonably well."

Adrian Peterson needs just 781 yards to become the all-time leading rusher at Oklahoma.