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Comments on UAB

Here is what the Oklahoma Sooners' players and coaches are saying about the UAB Blazers and the game on Saturday.

Head Coach Bob Stoops

"We're playing a good football team. UAB is a team, year in and year out in their conference, that always does really well. Coach Watson Brown and his staff have done a great job through the years.

"You have to get out there on the field and play with some discipline and toughness and effort. That's really what we're looking for. We want to see our guys come out and play in a disciplined and physical way and play with great effort.

On the immediate impact of new freshmen:

"Gresham is definitely in the position that he will play. We're close to making the decision on Gerald McCoy. We'll see. He's close. I'm incredibly pleased with Gerald. He's been fabulous and he's working in a really good way."

On tailoring the offense to Thompson:

"We have everything that our line and quarterbacks are able to handle going into the game. Everybody builds as you go through the year. Going into this year, we worked hard all through camp of tailoring things that Paul's comfortable with and fit what we do. Hopefully it will make a difference for him.

Quarterback Paul Thompson

I am definitely excited to get back out there. I know what I can do. I have jumped back in it pretty quickly compared to what I might of thought I would be at this point, being in the situation I was in. I look forward to being out there to make plays and I think I can do that. I feel I will play well and the team will play well.

I enjoy bootin' out, getting outside the pocket on a lot of passing plays, as well as dropping back. I definitely enjoy getting around on the edge, being able to make plays, as well as throwing on the run.

Defensive End Calvin Thibodeaux

"We have to go out there and do the things we know we can do and play disciplined. We need to do what coach asks us to do, play our style and everything else will pretty much take care of itself. When you turn on the film, there is always something that you can improve but we definitely want to go out there and play smart and disciplined football."

Linebacker Zach Latimer

"Experience makes us better this year. There were a lot of first-time guys out there including myself. It's about communicating with each other and talking to each other, telling what you see and help the next guys recognize the formations and process it. Once you keep seeing it, it starts to come to you and becomes second nature. I think you become a better defense like that. Everyday in practice, it's someone different making big plays. You know when you see that you're going to be alright."

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