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What Does a Healthy Adrian Peterson Mean?

Adrian Peterson is in the best shape of his life. He has never been faster or stronger than he is right now and that means everything to the Oklahoma Sooners. He only needs 1090 yards to become the all-time rushing leader at OU and I have little doubt that he will surpass that mark on or before mid-season.

How does a healthy Peterson affect the Sooners?

Receivers will get one on one coverage because safeties will play up to stop the run.

Paul Thompson doesn't have to be Jason White. He just has to connect on a few passes to keep the defense honest and wait for the long ball to open up for him. Also defenses keying on Peterson will leave Thompson with a few run options of his own.

Also don't forget the possibility of Peterson as a receiver as well. That makes him even more dangerous!

A healthy Adrian Peterson will be the key to the Oklahoma offense's success and he won't just be running from the I formation either. The Sooners will use multiple sets this season and Peterson will be a weapon in each of the.

With him they have great potential as a unit and he will be in New York in late December for a trophy presentation.

Without him Oklahoma's offensive attack becomes average at best.