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Can the Blazers Pull a TCU?

In the last three seasons UAB has lost 17-10 to number 3 Tennessee and 16-13 to number 4 Georgia. Last season OU was shocked in the season opener to TCU. This season the Blazers are confident they can finally pull the upset of a Top 10 team on the road when they play Oklahoma on Saturday night in Norman.

"It's a wonderful opportunity, because this program has been kind of close to winning big games," defensive back Kevin Sanders said Monday. "I think it's our time, since we have over 30 seniors and a lot of experience. We've got a good chance to come in and get the upset."

"For the first 24 hours it would be the greatest thing in the world -- until the next day when we're getting ready for the next game," quarterback Sam Williams said. "I believe it would be a great accomplishment for the university."

It's one thing for the players to be confident, I wouldn't want them on my team if they weren't, but how does Blazers Head Coach Watson Brown feel about facing the 10th ranked Sooners?

"I'm nervous," coach Watson Brown said. "We have a lot of question marks. I think we will be really good on defense. We have a lot of young kids on offense, and I am ready to see them react to game situations."