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Sooners Can Bag Two Browns This Year

Oklahoma will have the unique opportunity to knock off the "Brown Boys" this football season starting this Saturday when the Sooners how UAB. The Blazers are coached by former OU offensive coordinator (93-94) Watson Brown. For those of you who live in a cave or just don't remember Watson is also Mack Brown's brother.

Watson is held in higher regard by Oklahoma fans than his brother Mack who also once guided the Sooners' offensive attack (1984) but ultimately went south of the Red River, which is an unpardonable sin in Sooner Land, causing him to become the punch line in most Texas jokes. That and his general goofy like facial expressions.

The Sooners face the first half of the "Brown Boys" sweep this Saturday at 6:00pm on national television (TBS). No doubt it will be an easier challenge than what Mack is going to bring come October but it will be a challenge none the less. There are some major questions for the Sooners going into this game and some may not be answered.

How good/bad will Paul Thompson be?

This won't be the same Paul Thompson we saw in last year's opener for several reasons. First, he is another year older and has unquestionably assumed the position as the team leader. He will also be running an offense that is better suited to take advantage of his strengths. Finally, there is no one looking over his shoulder. There was no quarterback competition in camp and Paul has the freedom to make mistakes without getting the hook. I just hope he doesn't make too many of them!

The bottom line is that the Sooners are going to sink or swim with Thompson and we still may not know which after Saturday night. I don't think we will see his full potential until the Oregon game and then we will know whether we should look for life preservers or not. What I do know is that if Paul struggles beyond just shaking off the rust on Saturday night then we may be in trouble.

Other questions to be looked at this week are; how good/bad will the offensive line be and what will a healthy Adrian Peterson do for this team?