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Blazers May Lack Senior Leadership

It's finally game week for Oklahoma! You know all about the Sooners but how much do you know about the University of Alabama Birmingham Blazers? Here at the Machine we feel that it is our job to scout out the opposing teams and give you the information you will need come game day.

It appears that the Blazers are going to be without four of their key seniors on offense when they come to Norman on Saturday night.

Wide receiver Nick Coon is out with a dislocated left shoulder, fullback Taylor Ownbey has missed most of camp with a right knee injury, tight end Jordan Erwin has a sprained right ankle and running back Trey Chaney hurt his right knee.

Converted offensive tackle LaDarrius Stanley will play tight end during running situations for the Blazers, but the 6-foot-3, 310-pound senior is not a threat in the passing game.

Chaney was not the first team running back. But he was expected to play a role in the beefed up running attack. In the Blazers last scrimmage they ran the ball twice as much as they passed it. If that is what they are going to try against the Sooners then they will need a fresh stable and that is where Chaney's injury hurts the team.

Coon was probably the biggest loss of fall camp. He is the most experienced of the Blazers receivers and the only one who has proven he can stretch the field.