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Welcome to the Machine!

Welcome to the Crimson and Cream Machine! It's a site for the Sooner fan by the Sooner fans. Here you will find daily post on Oklahoma Sooner athletics as well as open game day threads, interactive polls and much more. You can even add to the site by posting your own online diary. Do you have a recruiting scoop or know something about the program that no one else knows? Post it your very own online journal for everyone to see. You can share your own thoughts about the big game and your experiences.

The site officially launches on Monday and will take you through the first game week of the season with reports, opinions and updates on the Sooners and Blazers.

However, you don't have to wait until Monday. You can start posting immediately. You will have to create a user ID and log in but it's all free and all fun. So, whether posting a thought about one of our articles or making your own diary post, it's all here at the Crimson and Cream Machine. Welcome and enjoy the site!