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Villanova 67 - Oklahoma 51

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Tony Crocker was the lone bright spot for Oklahoma
going for 19 points and 5 rebounds.

It's taken a little while to write about this one but there really isn't much to say. Oklahoma just isn't a very good basketball team right now. Sooner fans probably should brace themselves for a long season because this team is definitely Jekyll and Hyde.

Coming off a brilliant defensive effort against TCU on Saturday last night's loss not only snapped Oklahoma's nation leading non-conference home winning streak it also marked some of the ugliest basketball played by a Sooner team in Norman in a long, long time. When it comes to discovering the root of Oklahoma's inconsistency you can almost pick your poison.

The Sooners are Young - Of the nine players that saw playing time against Villanova only three of them were seniors.
The Sooners are inconsistent - Oklahoma shot only 43.8% from the floor, 31.8% from beyond the three point line and only 25% from the free throw line.
The Sooners have become a turnover machine - I've harped on this all season, turnovers always equates to lost points and when you turn the ball over as much as Oklahoma does you are literally throwing games away.

If you cut the turnovers in half, raise the shooting percentage from the floor to just 50% and the free throw percentage to 75% then you have a totally new ball game.

The upside to the game is that all of these are correctable mistakes and with a young team they will get better in time. The hard part is finding the patience to wait for it to happen. Oklahoma is not as good as they have looked at times this season in big wins but they are not as bad as they looked against Villanova either. They are somewhere in between which means we need to just buckle up for the rollercoaster ride because we have already seen that it will be an up and down season.