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Broncos Are Talented But Stoops is a Genius

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Their 12-0 record should be the obvious indicator that Boise State is a team oozing in talent but if you are looking for further evidence take a gander at the WAC All-Conference team. The Broncos placed seven players on the first team All-Conference team and another five on the second team. Their first team players were highlighted by linebacker Korey Hall's selection as the defensive player of the year. Granted that the WAC isn't the Big 12 and several of these athletes wouldn't crack the starting lineup at Oklahoma but the point is made that this is a talented Boise State team.

More than anything coaching will be the deciding factor in the Fiesta Bowl. If the Sooners think they can line up across from the Broncos and just blow them off the field then it could become a frustrating evening. The Broncos are not only talented but also are playing in the biggest game in school history. That's where Bob Stoops comes in. He is worth is weight in gold, literally. Stoops has already earned $210,000 in performance bonuses, including $100,000 for reaching the Fiesta Bowl, $80,000 for winning the Big 12 title and $30,000 for being named Big 12 coach of the year.

I am fully convinced that there is no challenge too great this season that Stoops can't handle including facing a team with 12 All-Conference players out to prove something.  You have to wonder how many Sooners would be on the All-WAC team and what kind of game plan Oklahoma will come up with having almost a month to prepare. Talent on talent, I'll take the Sooners and in the coaching match-up I'll take Bob Stoops against anyone.