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Big 12 Bowl Round-Up

The six Big 12 schools playing in the minor bowl games are finished and the conference is standing on a 3-3 record. Big props goes out to our three winners and an even bigger why bother if you aren't planning on showing up goes out to the losers.

With Nebraska and OU set to play on the year's prime football day in the conference's two major bowls here's a quick review of what has already taken place in the Big 12.

Independence Bowl

Oklahoma State 34 - Alabama 31

Mike Gundy gets his first bowl win as a head coach but the Cowboys are going to have to finish the regular season above .500 and higher than last in the south for anyone to believe OSU is a team on the rise.

Texas Bowl

(16) Rutgers 37 - Kansas State 10

We'll cut the Wildcats a little slack because they were under first year head coach Ron Prince, they were a huge underdog to Rutgers and no one really expected them to be in a bowl game anyway.

Holiday Bowl

(20) Cal 45 - (21) Texas A&M 10

Remember all that pre-season talk about Fran not being a good coach and the Aggies being overrated? Yeah, it'll be back! Remember all that momentum the Aggies built up after upsetting Texas? Yeah, it's gone!

Sun Bowl

(24) Oregon State 39 - Missouri 38

The Tigers are young and could potentially be dangerous next season if they ever learn how to close out a game.

Insight Bowl

Texas Tech 44 - Minnesota 41

The Red Raiders have put on the most impressive performance of the Big 12 schools this bowl season thanks to the largest come back in bowl history.

Alamo Bowl

(18) Texas 26 - Iowa 24

An unimpressive win over a 6-6 team but it was what the Longhorns needed to end the season on. Texas will be dominant again next season and will re-establish themselves as one of the frontrunners to win the conference.

Bowl Records by Conference
ACC (8) 3-1
Big 12 (8) 3-3
Big East (5) 2-0
Big 10 (7) 0-3
Conference USA (5) 0-4
Independents (2) 0-1
MAC (4) 1-1
Mountain West (4) 3-1
Pac-10 2-3
SEC (9) 2-1
Sun Belt (2) 1-1
WAC (4) 2-0