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Return of the King

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Oklahoma's win last night in the Big 12 Championship game not only puts Oklahoma back in their rightful spot as the class of the conference but it also reestablishes Bob Stoops as the King of Coaches in the Big 12.

Stoops was embattled by critics after last season's below standard performance and all the elements were in place for another let down season in Norman this year but Stoops may have put together the masterpiece of his coaching career.

Being named the conference's coach of the year was a no brainer but winning his fourth Conference Championship and fifth division title should mark him as the best coach in the conference, ever.

Hands down he is the best coach in the conference right now. The only one to come close to challenging him would be Mack Brown and even that isn't close. Brown has one Conference Title in nine years and Stoops has four in eight years. Stoops is averaging one championship every other season. Has any coach in the history of the conference ever managed anything close to that?

Sure people enjoyed kicking him when he was down last season and the love to talk about the games he lost. If I wasn't a Sooner fan I would be sick of the guy winning all the time also. In a futile attempt to discredit him people will point out that he is only 1-2 in BCS Championship games.

To that we say, when your coach gets your team to three BCS Championships in five seasons then you can talk. Until then, LONG LIVE THE KING!!!