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The Denver Broncos simply refer to it as "The Drive." Any time you hear those two words in the NFL you know that they are talking about John Elway's game tying 99 yard touchdown drive against the Cleveland Browns in the 1986 AFC Championship game.

Now Oklahoma fans have their own version of "The Drive." Twenty years from now when you hear Sooner fans talking about it you'll know they are referring to the 2006 Big 12 Championship game. Facing third and ten from inside their own one yard line Paul Thompson led the Sooners on a historic march down the field. Nine plays later (7 of them passes) Oklahoma was in the end zone with a 21-7 lead and the Big 12 Championship in the bag. It was the longest scoring drive in the history of the Big 12 Championship game and epitomized Paul Thompson's attitude this season.

Nebraska had Oklahoma dead to rights and the Sooners knew they were in trouble it they didn't convert the third down from inside their own one. Allen Patrick barely missed getting stopped behind the goal line for a safety on second down and a failed conversion on third down would have meant punting out of their own end zone for the Sooners. If that happens the best case scenario is Nebraska setting up somewhere inside the OU 40 yard line.

Sine August the Sooners have been developing Paul Thompson's role with the punches attitude. He has been the calming influence in a season filled with adversity. He didn't panic when Bomar was kicked-off the team just weeks before the season opener. He didn't panic when he was moved from receiver to quarterback that same day. He didn't panic after the Sooners were robbed in Eugene nor did he panic after Oklahoma's only legitimate to Texas. He didn't panic after Adrian Peterson went down with a broken collarbone seven weeks ago and he didn't panic last night in the face of the Nebraska defense.

Standing in his own end zone on third down, Thompson faked a hand off and then hit freshman tight end Jermaine Gresham for a 35 yard gain. He then calmly walked up the field looking to the sidelines for the next play and to continue what Sooner fans just refer to as "The Drive."