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Improvement? Yes!

Blake Griffin has taken his game and his hustle to a new level the past two games.

The question I have been asking on this site is, "Are the Sooners improving?" After the Tulsa game this afternoon the answer is clear, absolutely they are. This was a defensive game that I am absolutely certain that the Sooners would have lost three weeks ago.

OU dominated in the paint with physical play and smothered Tulsa with aggressive defense. Hustle points don't show up in the box score but if they did OU would have won by a larger margin than 58-48. The Sooners held Tulsa to just 48 points, blocked 10 shots, had 9 steals and forced 19 turnovers.

While Oklahoma is discovering their offensive identity they have already established themselves as a tough, hustling, defensive team. Behind guys like Michael Neal and Taylor Griffin Oklahoma is setting at 7-3 and are just a few adjustments away from putting together a respectable season.

If OU can begin to create and take advantage of free throw opportunities it will add another scoring dimension and, again, if they can cut their turnovers they will see their scoring average go up. Most of it will come through the maturation of the team and unfortunately we won't fully see the fruits of it until next season.