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More Comments on Boise State

Here are some of the more interesting comments from Wednesday's Oklahoma football press conference.

Bob Stoops

On Boise State's talent:
"They are a talented team across the board.  You look at a lot of those seniors that are experienced and have played in a really good way. They are very sure of themselves in the way they have played.  You can see they have been well-disciplined and schooled in what their techniques are and how they are expected to play."

 "(They have a) very explosive offense. I read in the stats, since 2000, they're the leading scoring team in the country. They have been very productive offensively and that is a big challenge for us."

On Boise State's Ian Johnson:
"He is a very patient runner, and has very good feet and tight positions, so he can create seams and get some space. He's physical when he has to be and makes people miss him. He's got a little bit of all of that. He is just a solid, good running back. As you watch him, you see him make a lot of people miss him and get some extra yards.

On the keys of defense against Boise State:
"It's very important that we are smart in how we read their offensive formations and how they align and how we get ourselves set before the snap. We are fairly used to that. Nebraska shifted every bit as much. So did Oklahoma State and Colorado. We have been able to see a lot of that from a lot of people. You can watch it in practice now, look how natural it is to our guys now. We used to have to be walking them through it and now they're talking to each other. It's all the experience."

Running Back Adrian Peterson

On breaking the career rushing record at OU:
"No, I'm not thinking about it. It's crazy how everything happened. Breaking my collarbone, it was not anything I really thought about. I had eight more games to play and only 151 yards. Now that it's here and it presents itself, it will be nice to go out there and get the record. It's not something that I sit and think about all the time. But it's nice, something that comes along with playing the game. It's a record that has been standing for a long time, so it would be real nice to break it."

On the Boise State matchup:
"Boise State's a good team. You can get beat on any given day.  We have been preparing ourselves to go out and play a good game just like each week.  Just go out there and take care of business, everything else will take care of itself."

Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On Boise State quarterback Jared Zabransky:
"The guy's got great legs and he finds a way to get out of the pocket, improvise, and make plays on the perimeter with his arm.  He's a great athlete, a great threat at running the football.  They've got a designed quarterback run game, some draws and the option game and, obviously, they wouldn't have those in their offense if they didn't feel good about him as a runner."

On Boise State's receivers:
"They've got good speed and good size.  They do a good job of distributing the football and using all of their weapons.  They're fast guys, like everybody we've played.  They have good, quality depth and they do a good job of utilizing those guys in the right ways - matching up a big receiver on a smaller DB and throwing up fade routes or maybe using their fast guys in the slot.  Anymore, you get a guy that's 4.4 or 4.5 (in the 40-yard dash) and knows how to run routes and they're going to be effective."

On Boise State running back Ian Johnson:
"He's averaging over six yards per carry.  We haven't seen anybody this year who's averaged almost six and a half yards a carry.  He breaks a lot of tackles; he's got a great feel for the game; he's a good, patient runner with great lower body strength and can really accelerate - that allows them to have great balance in their offense."

Quarterback Paul Thompson

On Boise State:
"They are a physical team that has got some big guys up front. They have a real athletic quarterback and are overall a good team.  With their record, and what they have done these past couple of years and in 2000, they are just a great all-around team."

On Boise's senior quarterbacks and receivers experience playing together:
"That is really big. You see that all over college and in the NFL, a quarterback and receiver get in there. It kind of takes a while but they get in sync. The more and more you play with guys, the more and more you are at that starting position as a quarterback, the more of a leadership role you have. The guys around you follow more and you definitely have a sense of synchronization with all of the players. That is really big. They have played in a lot of games and lot of good games as starters. That is going to play to their advantage."

Safety Reggie Smith

On the preparations for Boise State:
"Right now we are doing a lot of film,  lot's of film studies. Been in there everyday, every morning until about 11. Then from 11 to 12 we have a little time off before coming back and watching some more film right before practice."

On Boise State's talented wide receivers:
"I think it might actually be a good thing. Sometimes you get in there thinking there are only certain series you have to watch, here you have to watch them all. You can't take for granted any play. You have to be all over those receivers at all times. Can't think of his name, but No.4 is a big receiver. You've got to be physical with him otherwise he can catch the ball and make some big plays."

On Boise State Quarterback Jared Zabransky:

"I have seen him play a couple times this year and last year and he makes plays. That's the good thing he does -- makes plays -- knows how to get his team to win.  Breaking the pocket and making plays. After he gets out of the pocket, finding his receivers deep or in good routes."

On Boise State's offense:
"Nebraska did the same thing.  We have seen it in the past few weeks. OSU did it a little bit. We have gotten used to jump shifts, trades. It makes it a little difficult because you have to know where you need to be when they do move at different times."