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Random Thoughts

Stoops Finishes Third
Bob Stoops finished third in the AP Coach of the year voting behind Rutgers' Greg Schiano and the winner Jim Grobe of Wake Forest. I in no way intend to discount the accomplishments of the other two coaches but no one overcame more obstacles and did a better job of coaching this year than Bob Stoops.

Receiving Corps Gets Even Deeper
The Sooners were already deep at receiver with Juaquin Iglesias, Manuel Johnson  and Malcolm Kelly  but this past week they got deeper! The Sooners secured a commitment Monday from James Kirkendoll of Round Rock, Texas, a four-star prospect and the 19th-ranked receiver nationally by That after landing Tyler Stradford from New Orleans over the weekend.

Kirkendoll, 5-11 and 178, chose the Sooners over Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Tennessee and Texas Tech. Remember when we thought Quentin  Chaney was a great commitment?

Broncos Still Selling Tickets
The Fiesta Bowl is the biggest game in the history of Boise State football. Why haven't they sold out their allotment of tickets yet? OU was sold out in a matter of days but the Broncos announced yesterday that they still have 300 tickets to sell. Is it actually possible that they have more tickets than they do fans?

Tommy Grady Regrets Decision
Remember that old saying, "Patience is a virtue"? Well, Tommy Grady doesn't! Buried on the depth chart in Utah Grady has some regrets about his decision to leave Oklahoma instead of sticking around to fight for a quarterback spot.

"It's kind of hard to say you don't regret (leaving Oklahoma) because it's one of the huge names in college football, and there are a bunch of great players there," he said. "I do regret it a little."

Just think Tommy, had you stayed there is the possibility that you could be starting in the Fiesta Bowl on January 1st instead of holding a clipboard on the sidelines of the Fort Worth Bowl Saturday night. Worst case scenario is that you are the starting quarterback next fall for a Top 10 team.

Switching it Up
OU has used the first couple of bowl practices to lighten the atmosphere and to get the players to relax before serious bowl preparations began. The focus of the "lighter" practices in Norman was having fun.

"We even had the receivers trying to guard the defensive backs in one-on-one for a little while," coach Bob Stoops said. "They got a big kick out of that. The DBs looked pretty good running routes."