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Sooners on the Broncos

Here's what Bob Stoops and a few of the Oklahoma football players are saying about the Boise State Broncos and their match-up in the Fiesta Bowl.

Bob Stoops

On Boise State:
"I will promise you as a team here at OU, our players and coaches have great respect for Boise. You watch them on tape and they are a very good football team in everything they do, very disciplined, play hard, play sure of themselves, they've got a lot of ability.

"I talked to someone just yesterday who is a good friend of mine who is visiting with pro scouts. They had pro scouts in there watching them just a week ago and they are watching 10 different players that they are evaluating for this year's draft. They are a really talented, good disciplined football team. Coach Petersen and his staff have done a great job. We recognize it as another big, big challenge.

On the bowl game:
Being in so many bowl games, we are familiar with knowing that the game is what really matters. We have all been to nice places but winning the football game is what makes the biggest difference in the bowl experience. So we will be focused to do what we do to win the football game. We are going to work hard and we have been working hard leading up to the game.

On Boise State's offense:
"They're balanced. Ian Johnson's done a great job rushing the football for them and they create space and block well for him. Zabransky their quarterback has done a great job throwing it.  They have got a host of receivers that are senior receivers, three of them and a tight end, also a senior, that really do a good job catching the football getting open.  They are a good balanced team in the way they move the ball."

On Ian Johnson:
"His feet, his pace to the line, he doesn't rush it. He's got great feet in the hole and in tight spaces and does a great job waiting for space and finding space."

On the game:
"In the end, it's an opportunity for us to win the Fiesta Bowl, just like it is for them. We have the same opportunity. They are an undefeated football team that has played really well. They've got a great track record.  

"The media is going to say what they will. We recognize it is as a challenge. We respect the heck out of the way they play. It's easy. The media doesn't sit and study 12 football games and what they do. When you watch the discipline, how hard they play, the talent that's there and the way they play it's easy to respect them and we do.  

"In the end we have the opportunity to win another football game. You know me, what are we 11-2? Now we've got a chance to be 12-2 and that is what matters to us and we're going to do what's best to get ourselves ready to do that."

Quarterback Paul Thompson

On Boise State's defense:
"They have good size and they react to the ball well. They're very athletic and they rally to the ball well. We've got to try to go at them like we go at every team. It's a zone defense. They are physical and quick."

On playing Boise State:
"Our team has a lot of respect for them. For a team to go undefeated throughout the season is hard to do. Every year maybe one or two teams do it and they're one of those teams this year. Last year I think they lost maybe one game. For a team to come in with the mindset and preparation week in and week out to win every game says a lot about their team and their coaches.

"Overall, they have won 12 games and have a lot of confidence in themselves and I think their offense. They have an explosive offense and they believe in shutting us down to put them in a great chance to win.

"We're excited about the challenge. If we go in taking these guys lightly, we'll get ran up a building. We have to go in with our mindset as it should be: we're playing against an undefeated team, a top-10 team in the country and we'll be in BCS bowl game on national television. We don't want to go out there and embarrass ourselves or put ourselves in a situation where we don't respect them and then we come up short."

On winning the Fiesta Bowl as a quarterback:
"It would be big, regardless of what position I was at. To go in, and get a BCS win is big for the program and big for this senior class going out. Whatever position it doesn't really matter but it is nice being back at the position that I started at. It would be nice to go out with a win."

Linebacker Zach Latimer

On playing in the Fiesta Bowl:
"This year we had a lot of ups and downs. There are a lot of people that feel that we should be here or shouldn't be here but we're happy to be in the Fiesta Bowl. We're going to take it as a challenge."

Safety Jason Carter

On Boise State:
"They are very well balanced and what they have been able to do is great. I kind of compare them to a Texas Tech. They can move the ball up and down the field either passing or running. We have to limit them to one dimension. We're going to have to stop them with out up-front guys."

On being in the Fiesta Bowl:
"I'm glad that we're playing in the Fiesta Bowl no matter who it is against. Calvin Thibodaux and I sat down and were talking today about going to this bowl game. This will be fifth bowl game we have been to and we've been to every major BCS bowl game. My expectations are really high for what is going to happen down there."