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A-MAZE-ING Recovery

The Sooners went on a 15-3 run in the second half
when Maze came into the game. Coincidence?

The Oklahoma men's basketball season was on the verge of self destruction early in the second half Saturday night. Trailing Coppin State 30-29, that's right boys and girls Coppin State, Oklahoma needed a spark, a shot in the arm, a 6th man, insert your cliché here.

The Eagles stated the second half with a 6-0 run when Oklahoma head coach Jeff Capel put in a guy who had not played at all this season. In fact he hadn't played ever. Bobby Maze only got 11 minutes of playing time, all in the second half, but he made the most of it.

Maze missed the first seven games of the season due to a broken foot but sparked a 15-3 Oklahoma run when he entered the game. The Sooners never looked back from that point cruising to a 64-47 win.

I'm by no means saying that Maze will be the savior for Oklahoma basketball this season but his speed, control and court awareness were very noticeable. I believe that he has the ability to give the Sooners something they have been lacking all season, stability at the guard. He just seemed to make things happen and like fellow freshmen Tony Crocker and Keith Clark he will only get better.