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Patrick's Ankle Has Sooners Offense on Hold

Freshman Chris Brown is getting more reps with the first team offense this week in practice. Stoops said it was because Brown is picking up the offense more resulting in him receiving more reps.

However, the fact that Allen Patrick didn't practice yesterday or Monday probably has more to do with it than anything else. Patrick suffered an ankle injury late in the game against A&M and has been day to day since.

Chances are that he'll be ready to go Saturday night but offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson made a valid point.

"That'll be a wait-and-see as we go through this week, how much he can practice," Wilson said. "My concern, when you're getting him healthy through the week, is how much work can he truly get and how efficient is he Saturday?

"There's a difference between being ready to go and being ready to go good."

Jacob Gutierrez will get the start if Patrick isn't good. Gutierrez is a Quentin Griffin look-a-like in his running style and has the same speed burst that made Q so popular in Norman. Brown would also make a few appearances on the field Saturday night.

There has even been talk about Mossis Madu coming out of Redshirt but I just don't see that happening with only three regular season games left. Unless, Patrick's injury is significantly more severe than we are being led to believe.