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Neal Suspended for Two Games

Micheal Neal committed a secondary violation of NCAA rules when he played in a basketball league in Connecticut over the summer. NCAA rules state that a player cannot play in a league outside a 100-mile radius of his residence.

Neal, who lives in Norman year-round, said he visited his girlfriend in Connecticut toward the end of the summer. Apparently that is when the violation took place.

You just have to wonder why rules like this are in place? It's not like the university was able to benefit from Neal playing in Connecticut and it's not like Neal received any benefits from playing, except for maybe impressing his girlfriend.  

Neal did not start in Sunday's final exibition game because of an injury but he did play 16 minutes. He was replaced by true freshman Tony Crocker who scored 14 points. There is no reason to expect Crocker won't get the start again Friday night.

The two games Neal will miss are against Norfolk State and Liberty. He will be back in the line-up when the Sooners play Memphis on November 20 in the Maui Classic.