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Sooners Still Getting No Love in the Polls

What do you get for winning on the road against one loss nationally ranked teams two consecutive weeks? You get to move up two spots in the AP Poll. Two weeks ago the Sooners were sitting at 19th in the AP. After winning on the road at Missouri and at Texas A&M the Sooners have only gained two spots in the poll.

Last week I said that this was due to the number of one loss teams Tennessee didn't drop as much as I thought they should after their loss to LSU. It's hard to not look at this as a slam against the Sooners but impossible to not see it as a slam against the conference.

AP Top 25
1.    Ohio State (65)
2.    Michigan
3.    Louisville
4.    Texas
5.    Auburn
6.    Florida
7.    USC
8.    California
9.    Notre Dame
10.    West Virginia
11.    Arkansas
12.    LSU
13.    Tennessee
14.    Boise State
15.    Rutgers
16.    Wisconsin
17.    Oklahoma
18.    Wake Forest
19.    Georgia Tech
20.    Virginia Tech
21.    Oregon
22.    Boston College
23.    Maryland
24.    Texas A&M
25.    Brigham Young