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When Dreams Come True

In the wake of all that has transpired this weekend in Big 12 conference play let's stop for a moment and discuss a few things.

*Bob Stoops has to be the Big 12 coach of the year! Forget what may or may not happen next weekend in Kansas City when you consider the fact that Paul Thompson was moved from receiver to quarterback just weeks before the season started and Oklahoma has been without Adrian Peterson for seven week's now and the Sooners still won 10 games and the Big 12 South its cleat that no one did a better job at coaching in the Big 12 than Stoops.

*The Sooners have won seven games in a row. Oklahoma's last loss was to Texas on October 7th. Since then the two teams have gone in separate directions. Texas went 4-2 over the final stretch while OU has gone 7-0 since then. With the Big 12 Championship game and the bowl game the Sooners have the opportunity to end on a nine game winning streak.

*Who cares how Texas feels? I do! I want them drowning in a sea of self-pity and frustration. Here's a couple of comments from the super Texas Longhorns blog Burnt Orange Nation.

this was the worst weekend of football ever. I hate life and I hate OU more!!
Oh dear god
I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. From the Fiesta Bowl to the Alamo Bowl. CRICKEY.

Many people south of the border made a lot of fun of a little kid caught crying at the OU/Texas game. I'd like to hear their explanation of this photo of a non-child. Looks like what goes around comes around.

Texas fans were filled with laughter at the news of Rhett Bomar being dismissed from the team. They were elated when Adrian Peterson went down with a broken collarbone. Who's laughing now that Bob Stoops has stolen Mack Brown's prom date in front of a national audience?

*Is anyone doubting Oklahoma's offensive line now? Much of the pre and early season criticism on OU was their young and "inexperienced" offensive line. We told you here on this site that wasn't true. The line, while young, was very talented and had equal if not more game experience than the line at the start of last season.

The Sooners have averaged more rushing yards per game without Adrian Peterson than they did with him. Give Allen Patrick and Chris Brown their due credit for that stat but give the offensive line their credit as well.

*Are the Sooners back? After going 8-4 last season, 7-4 regular season, is a 10-2 regular season finish enough to say that Oklahoma is back as the best team in the conference? They are certainly on their way! We know that they are the best team in the south but Saturday night will reveal who the best team in the conference is.  

*How bad did the Oregon debacle burn us? The Sooners finished the regular season 10-2 but had the right call been made in Eugene Oklahoma would have been 11-1. Use your imagination as to where that would have placed us.

Speaking of Oregon, a lot of good it did to give that game to them. The Ducks have gone 4-5 since they stole that game. Football karma, it's real.