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Sooners on the Cowboys

Here's what Bob Stoops and some of the Oklahoma football players are saying about the team and Saturday's Bedlam Game.

Bob Stoops

On improving on the pass-rush:  
"I think we've been pretty decent all year. Sacks aren't always the whole indicator. We haven't had many quarterbacks who have been very comfortable sitting there and just taking their time and throwing whenever they want. A year ago we had a ton of sacks, but that didn't mean we there weren't other areas that we felt we couldn't be better at.

"We've done a pretty fair job through most of the year of getting pretty good pressure and not allowing people to be comfortable. We're making them run and chasing them. Some of those are one-yard scrambles that aren't sacks that I think they kind of are."

On Oklahoma State:
"They are a team that has a lot of balance. They've been able to run the football very effectively on most everybody. And off of that, they try to get all their big plays with their excellent receivers. Bobby Reid has done a great job orchestrating the whole thing.

"You've got to be aware of both (the running and passing game). We're going to have to be great with their running game and be solid in our coverage and try to make him uncomfortable when he's trying to throw."

Paul Thompson

On the rivalry with OSU compared to Texas:
"It's similar. For me it's a little different as far as a rivalry. It doesn't seem as much of a rivalry to me personally, because when I played Texas, there are guys on the other team I played against in high school, good friends of mine. Definitely a rivalry between OU and OSU, but for me personally, it doesn't seem as much of a rivalry, just another big game for me."

On the OSU game:
"The game is real big. Not just as far as the rivalry, but where we want to end up in the Big 12, bowl game and our overall national ranking. There is definitely a sense of urgency and a sense of focus by the coaching staff and players on the importance of this game and what we need to do to come out with a win."

On playing in Stillwater:
"We are going in expecting a competitive game the entire game. It might be another close one. We are going in with that mindset, to stay focused and not ride the wave of ups and downs in the game, because that is something that will happen. As long as we stay focused and stick to our game plan, we will be successful."

On OSU's defense:
"Similar to how Baylor was, they are going to come after us with some blitzes. Look to take care of those as well. Already been getting different looks (of their blitz packages) watching film and that is the main thing. They are going to try and bring pressure and try and rattle me. I am definitely confident in our offensive line and feel we will be able to air it out, as we have in the past."

Linebacker Curtis Loftin

On preparing for OSU's offense:
"Throughout the season we've played against some tough offenses - top receivers, top running backs - so I think we'll be able to handle ourselves."

On growing up as an OSU fan:
"In high school, I was an Oklahoma State fan, so I kind of cheered for the orange and black. All that's changed now. I could have gone there but I chose to come here. I had to do what was best for me and I thought coming here was the best decision.

"(The recruiting process) was a big ordeal that went on over a couple of months and I'm kind of glad I got it over with. Once I committed, I kind of got some heat from coaches and friends. But they got over it, and they're Curtis Lofton fans now."

Defensive End Alonzo Dotson

On the Bedlam rivalry:
"I think for the players, it's a lot of chaos. Being an out-of-state player, I had to learn about this rivalry. Being from Texas, I knew all about the Red River Rivalry. Learning about it, experiencing it and going up there with the fans right on top of you, it's pretty big - it's the in-state rivalry. Everyone is at each other's throats. The seats are right there and the fans are right on top of you."