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Purdue 74, Oklahoma 71

The Sooners shot 46% from the floor, grabbed 26 rebounds and made 18 of 21 free throws but turned the ball over 18 times and send Purdue to the charity stripe 31 times leaving them with a three point loss.

I don't think being a young team excuses this loss. Purdue is not a very good team and this won't be a good loss. Sure, Oklahoma can learn from it but against a team like Purdue you need to learn from the mistakes you made in a win not in a loss. Sloppy play, defensive breakdowns and turnovers have been Oklahoma's theme in Hawaii instead of consistency and improvement.  

Kudos to Austin Johnson, who has been the most solid among the Sooners in this tournament, for scoring 16 points and dishing out a team high 5 assists.

I'm really to disgusted to continue any further and there are only so many ways you can say, "turning over the ball will get you beat."