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Closing the Door on the Bears

Oklahoma's defense was dominant recording five sacks and only allowing 140 net yards. The defense also basically pitched a shutout! Baylor's field goal was set up by a muffed punt and their touchdown came on a returned Chris Brown fumble.

The turnovers have to stop for the Sooners! Nine turnovers in the last two games is sick and it will get Oklahoma beat in Stillwater. Great defense has made up for the sloppy play on offense and special teams but I'm ready to see the full package where the offense and defense play to their full potential at the same time in the same game.

Baylor is not a good team and the only way this win could have been impressive is if the score would have been 50-plus to nothing. However, there were some impressive performances for Oklahoma starting with Chris Brown. In the first start of hid career Brown rushed for 169 yards on 24 carries (7 ypc).

The entire defense was impressive. They only allowed 140 total net yards, sacked Szymanski five times, snagged two interceptions and held Baylor to -48 net rushing yards.

Paul Thompson completed 63.2% of his passes (12 of 19) for 178 yards and two touchdowns.

Malcolm Kelly continues to show that he is the best receiver in the conference. Saturday he snagged 5 catches for 115 yards and a touchdown.

Oklahoma is playing the best football in the conference right now and the Sooners are still very much in the hunt for the Big 12 Championship. It's officially Bedlam week so we'll be giving you the low down on Oklahoma State but we'll also be keeping an eye on Texas A&M and Texas.