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Fact or Fiction - Texas A&M

It's time for another edition of Fact or Fiction. This time our guest is Ryan from Texas A&M & Baseball in No Particular Order. Thanks for joining us Ryan!  

Coach Fran has found new favor in the eyes of Aggie fans and boosters this season.

Fiction. November will determine where Fran stands in most Ags eyes. I think everyone is certainly pleased at where we are at this point but after losing to tech we need to see a victory or two with the remainder of our schedule.

Quarterback Stephen McGee is just as dangerous with his arm as he is his legs.

Fiction. I DO believe that this statement will hold true before he leaves campus but I'm not convinced it holds true at this point in his career. He threw the tar out of the ball in high school but the way the offense is being run we don't require a lot of difficult passes or deep balls. McGee's strength is his leadership and his toughness and he has done exactly what we need him to do, which is not turn the ball over (1 INT in 225 attempts). My biggest knock against him, and I make no claim to be an X&O guru, is that I don't come away from games with the feeling that he looks at all his WRs before he starts to scramble.

The last three games will be the toughest of the season for the Aggies.

Fact. Oklahoma, Nebraska, and at texas. By the end of the regular season 3 of our 4 toughest games will have come in November. Our Novembers are always incredibly rough on us.

A&M is now on the same level of competition as the Longhorns and Sooners.

Fiction. I drink a little maroon kool-aid but not this much. We've closed the gap somewhat, more so on OU than texas, but this is a battle that will be won or lost on the recruiting trails.

Not having Adrian Peterson in the lineup gives the A&M defense a boost of confidence.

Fact. How could it not? He is one of the most dynamic players to suit up in college football in the last decade.

Texas A&M will beat the Sooners in College Station.

Fact. OU has struggled in College Station since the two teams started playing each other regularly in the early 90s, going 2-4. The two wins the Sooners grabbed were incredible ballgames with unranked A&M coming entirely too close to upending #1 OU in '00 and #2 OU in '04. That's on top of upsetting #1 OU in '02. With Gameday coming to town an already hyped up fan base is buzzing like a hornets nest.