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Baylor's Comments on the Sooners

Here's some of what Baylor Head Coach Guy Morriss and a few of his players had to say about Saturday's game against the Sooners.

Guy Morriss

On Baylor's emotions:
"I think as a coach you worry about everything, but I think by the time it's kickoff on Saturday, they'll be excited and looking forward to playing this game. We have to assume that they're going to give their best effort and so forth. We're going to coach them hard and try to prepare them as best we can and put them in a position to make plays. And hopefully we'll make some plays and be OK."

On playing well in televised games:
"You worry about it. If you're on TV and you have a lot of folks watching, you want to look good. With recruits now days, it's more important than ever."

On Oklahoma:
"They've kind of hit their stride, I guess. They're loaded with great athletes and they are playing really well, I think."

On being able to close out the season with a win:
"It's always good to win the last one because that's the last taste you have in your mouth and it springboards you into the off season and so forth. In a lot of cases, that's the one game that a lot of people remember about the season. Like last year, what really made me feel proud was that they did gear up and play hard when there wasn't a whole lot to play for. And that's what we need to do this Saturday."

Offensive Coordinator, Lee Hays

On Oklahoma:
"The defensive line is pretty good. Their linebackers are pretty good, and the secondary is good. They remind me a lot of Texas; they're good across the board. I think that this is really, really going to be a huge challenge for us offensively.

"[Oklahoma head coach Bob] Stoops knows the offense as well as I do. His blitzes -- he can make it tough on a young quarterback and even on a veteran quarterback because he can trick you into some things. He knows what we're looking for so it's going to be a little bit of a chess match there. I think that he can make you throw hot and they have to bring pressure because he's so good up front.

"The back end is physical and they'll mix up the coverage a little bit. Stoops does a great job not staying in the same thing twice. It's hard to get a beat on him. His kids run really well and tackle really well. He's tough, but that's why you play the game."

Running Back, Paul Mosley

On having the chance to beat Oklahoma in the senior's last game:
"It would feel really good, especially for us seniors who will not have a chance to play again for Baylor. We really would like to leave on a positive note and get the past two weeks out of our mind."

Quarterback, Blake Szymanski

On Oklahoma's defense:
"They are pretty stacked. They are definitely the best defense I have played against so far, and maybe the best we have faced this entire season. They are Oklahoma, they have a great program with great talent, and it will take a lot to beat them. We cannot make any mistakes; we will have to play almost perfect to beat them."