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What Does the Texas Loss Mean for Us?

Remember a few years ago when Mack Brown claimed the Big 12 South co-championship? He didn't beat the Sooners but thanks to losses to A&M and Oklahoma State fell to an even record with the Longhorns. Taking advantage of the even record Mack Brown claimed the Longhorns and Sooners now shared the South title.

In one of those "You made the bed now lay in it" situations if Oklahoma wins out, beating Baylor and Oklahoma State, then Mack Daddy will have to share his division title with Bob Stoops.

However, OU can win the title outright if they win out and Texas falls to A&M. Suddenly a conference championship and a BCS bowl game are a possibility for Oklahoma. The Sooners will need some help from Texas A&M but with the unknown of Colt McCoy's injury anything is possible. From now until the end of the Texas/A&M game we are officially Aggie fans.

The other thing the Texas loss does is open back up the Big 12 coach of the year race. Brown pretty much had it won by default until Saturday night but now you have to say it's between Brown, KSU's Prince and Bob Stoops and you can honestly say that no coach has done more with less than Bob Stoops.