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Does Texas Now Have the Inside Track?

Could the Big 12 send another team to the BCS National Championship Game? Thanks to Rutgers upset of Louisville last night the Texas Longhorns are back in the title hunt. But do they have the inside track? No, but pretty darn close!

In what could be more repulsive to OU fans than the movie Borat was to just about anyone of Jewish decent we could be watching the Longhorns playing for their second consecutive national championship.

Here are the teams that will be ranked ahead of Texas when the BCS rankings release on Sunday, Ohio State, Michigan and Florida. Obviously Ohio State or Michigan will fall leaving only the Florida Gators as the Longhorns only remaining obstacle.

With South Carolina, Western Carolina and Florida State left on the schedule for the Gators it doesn't look like Florida has a chance to stumble before the SEC Championship Game.

The conference championship games could and will be the deciding difference for who gets to punch their ticket to Glendale. While the Longhorns will be taking on Nebraska for the second time Florida could be playing Arkansas or Auburn definitely getting the worst end of the deal and I would say putting the chances of playing in the BCS title game in favor of the Longhorns.