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Who's Going Bowling from the Big 12?

Currently there are five teams from the Big 12 who are bowl eligible and three more that are only a game away. So, who is going where? We put our best prognostication hat on and are now going to tell you who is playing in what bowl.  
* Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Boise State
The Longhorns are in control of their own destiny and are two wins away from clinching the Big 12 South title thus winning the conference championship by default. Congrats Texas your prize will be facing the "Smurf Turf" guys in the Fiesta Bowl.
* Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Tennessee
Cotton Bowl officials will be at the OU/Texas A&M game this weekend. The winner of that game will have the inside track to being in Dallas on New Year's Day. The Cotton Bowl will overlook any team that the north has to offer for two reasons. First, teams in the south are guaranteed to travel to Dallas. Second, the teams in the south are better.
* Holiday Bowl: Missouri vs. USC
The showdown between Missouri and Nebraska could decide who gets to go to San Diego. I think the Tigers will lock in the Holiday Bowl with a win in Lincoln on Saturday.
* Alamo Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Penn State
Nebraska could be the choice here but does the Alamo Bowl want them in back-to-back years? It is no secret that the Alamo Bowl wants A&M.
* Sun Bowl: Nebraska vs. Oregon
Falling this far in the Bowl schedule could bring some heat on Huskers coach Bill Callahan but this is about where the Huskers will be. A match-up with Oregon would actually be a pretty good game.
* Insight Bowl Texas Tech vs. Indiana
This game would actually be watched by about 15% of the nation.
* Independence Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Kentucky
The Cowboys returning to the post season in Mike Gundy's second season.
* Texas Bowl: Kansas State vs. Cincinnati
A bowl game in his first season shows that Ron Prince has the Wildcats moving in the right direction.