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Scouting the Longhorn Defense

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The Texas defense is just nasty. There is no doubt that they will be the strongest defensive unit the Sooner offense has gone up against this season. That said with teams like North Texas, Rice and Sam Houston State the Longhorns defensive stats could be over inflated.  

Defensive Line
Led by senior defensive ends Tim Crowder (80), Brian Robinson (39) and Junior tackle Frank Okam (97) the Longhorns' defensive line against Oklahoma's offensive line could be the biggest mismatch of the game.  

Not that the Sooner o-line is that bad but that the Texas d-line is that good. It means that Oklahoma is going to have to be creative in moving the pocket and getting the ball to Peterson in space. Look for roll-outs and screens as well as quick flair passes from the Sooner offense.

I also think that this will limit the tight ends for the Sooners because they will be used mostly for blocking. Advantage Texas

The Texas linebackers have suffered from injuries this season making them not as stellar as previous years. Freshman Sergio Kindle is getting playing time because of an injury to Roddrick  Muckelroy and Drew Kelson is also coming off of an injury.

This could be an Achilles for the Texas defense because the linebackers will be looked heavily upon for run support and could be burned when Oklahoma does use the tight ends in the passing game. A blown assignment by a Texas linebacker will be costly. Advantage Oklahoma

Strong safety Michael Giffin (27) and corner Tarell Brown (5) are stars but the Texas defensive backs could find themselves in one-on-one coverage against Oklahoma receivers. Both Brown and Griffin stand at 6-0 so they will be giving up 6 to seven inches to the Oklahoma receivers. That could play a  huge factor in this game. Advantage Oklahoma.