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Comments on the Longhorns

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Here's what Bob Stoops and a few players had to say about Texas and the game this weeked at yesterday's press conference.

Bob Stoops

On the offensive mentality going into the Texas game this year as opposed to last:

It's not even close. There is no question that we are a much different football team coming to the game than we were a year ago. I don't even know if you can compare the two.  

One of the biggest reasons is Adrian Peterson and his health. That changes everything in regards to our play-calling and to the passing game. Overall, our line is playing better, our receivers are much improved and our quarterback is better. So in a lot of areas we are different.

On Paul Thompson's Development...
I don't think that there is any question if you have watched him. He has thrown the ball very well, very efficient. Compare his overall rating, completion percentage, touchdowns, interceptions, yardage, to some of the other guys that are out there being mentioned as the great ones and he is right there with him.

On Texas QB Colt McCoy...
He is doing a great job. He is very efficient, and has been productive in doing just what they have asked him to do. He has made a lot of nice throws and good plays for them. So what I have seen, he has been very good and efficient for a young guy.

Quarterback Paul Thompson

They're going to man us up a lot. They feel they have they have the athletes to match up against our athletes, and that's kind of hard to argue. They do have great athletes on both sides of the ball so they're going to challenge us to make plays one on one when we play against their defensive backs. We're up to that challenge and we're going to try to take advantage of that as well. They're definitely going to be looking to stop Adrian (Peterson), our running game, and we're definitely going to try and take some shots on them.

It's definitely a big game, even for guys who aren't around there they know the tradition of this game and how big it is. I have a lot of friends that I went to high school with from around the Austin area that are rooting against me, so that kind of makes it a challenge in itself. They normally go for me when we're playing anyone but Texas, but when we play Texas they say their going for me, but they're not for the team (OU) so I don't know how that works.

Linebacker Rufus Alexander

"Last year is last year. Last year is over with. You've got to move on to this year. Our confidence is very high. It's never been down, we always have great confidence."

"Zach (Latimer) is getting better and better each week. During the Middle Tennessee game he jumped that pass. He's getting more comfortable the more reps he gets and the more games he plays in.
"It will be really important for the D-line to get up there and make a ton of plays. We've got to have a big game. The game's really predictive of who controls it up front. If our D-line can control their O-line, it will be a really great game."