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Mack Daddy Speaks Out About the Sooners

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Here's what Texas coach Mack Brown had to say about the Oklahoma Sooners in preparation for Saturday's Red River Shootout.

Is the key with Peterson not letting him get a head of steam?
"Obviously it's better if you can get somebody in the backfield. Ricky was only stopped when they never let him cross the line of scrimmage. If they could penetrate and get in his legs before he got downhill. Cedric was the same way. But he's also a guy that has very few losses. Adrian is not going to run sideways. He's not going to turn and run the other way and lose 20 yards. He's normally going to get downhill and make his yards."

Is Adrian Peterson and the Oklahoma rushing offense the best they've faced this season?
"It will be a great test for our guys because we have played the run really well, but he's by far the best we've played. That will be the other thing. Antonio Pittman did not get it a lot against us. He was an outstanding back, but they came in and threw the ball a lot more than we would have anticipated. I saw Antonio Saturday night. He looked really good running the ball against Iowa.

You're not going to stop Adrian Peterson all the time. He's going to make his plays. You've just got to try to do your best to keep him out of the end zone."

Have you seen any change in their style of offense?
"No. It's the same thing. In fact, everybody talked about [QB] Paul [Thompson] would have to run the ball. I think he hit 13-of-18 last week against Middle Tennessee. He's been very accurate. He's taking care of the ball. He's thrown more touchdowns than interceptions. He can make plays with his feet."

Can you talk about [WR Malcolm] Kelly, that group of receivers, that match up?

"Those guys are like ours, they're all athletic. Malcolm is different because he's so tall. You can get him in mismatches like we do Limas. It will be a great test for our guys. It will be the best test.

Obviously, Ohio State has great receivers. Iowa, we thought had really good receivers when Iowa State came in. They had really good receivers. This bunch is athletic. They can catch the ball, but they can make the play athletically after the catch. Malcolm just gets better and better each week.

They're a much better football team now than they were in the first game when we watched them against UAB. The offensive line is really athletic. They're young, but they're getting more cohesiveness now. We expect to see a really good offense out of them on Saturday."