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Sooners Move Up One More Spot in AP

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It appears that Oklahoma just isn't getting any love from the polls. Their two losses have come away from Norman against teams that were nationally ranked. So what is the deal? Are the Sooners getting punished for the bad luck they have suffered through this season?

The answer is no! The problem is the number of undefeated and one loss teams. Looking at the Top 25 you have to go all the way down to 13 to find a team with more than one loss (LSU) and that team's two losses are to the 3rd and 5th ranked teams in the country. In between LSU and Oklahoma are undefeated Boise State and Rutgers and then one loss Boston College and Wisconsin.

Oklahoma doesn't need more love they just need more teams ahead of them to lose.

AP Top 25
1.    Ohio State (63)
2.    Michigan
3.    West Virginia (2)
4.    Texas
5.    Louisville
6.    Auburn
7.    Florida
8.    Tennessee
9.    USC
10.    California
11.    Notre Dame
12.    Arkansas
13.    LSU
14.    Boise State
15.    Rutgers
16.    Boston College
17.    Wisconsin
18.    Oklahoma
19.    Clemson
20.    Georgia Tech
21.    Texas A&M
22.    Wake Forest
23.    Virginia Tech
24.    Oregon
25.    Washington State