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Tigers/Sooners Preview - Prediction

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Let's take a quick look at the Tigers and the Sooners before we give you our game prediction.

Comparing Offensive Units

Quarterbacks: We have already talked about Chase Daniel but Paul Thompson isn't chopped liver either. Thompson has completed 61 percent of his passes and 11 touchdowns to five interceptions. That said, Paul Thompson is no Chase Daniel either! Daniel has completed 67% of and has already set a single season record at Missouri with 19 touchdowns. Advantage: Tigers

Running Backs: Allen Patrick did an outstanding job filling in for the injured Adrian Peterson last week against a strong Colorado run defense. Unfortunately that is all we have to judge the Sooners running backs by right now with Peterson out.

For the Tigers, Tony Temple averages 83 yards per game, 3rd in the conference, and is probably better than his numbers show. However, it doesn't seem to matter who is running against the Tigers they seem to have career days. Advantage: Sooners

Receivers and Ends: Because of Adrian Peterson Oklahoma's passing game has not been as potent as most of the teams in the conference but Malcolm Kelly, Juaquin Iglesias and Manuel Johnson are all threats along with tight end Joe Jon Finley.

While the Sooners receivers may be a lot of untapped talent the Missouri corps has been used and used very effectively. The Tigers are the nation's only team with five receivers or tight ends with at least 20 receptions. Advantage: Tigers

Offensive Lines: Both units have only allowed 10 sacks each and have also paved the way for effective offenses in their respective specialties. Advantage: Even

Comparing the Defensive Units

Defensive Line: The Tigers suffered an injury to their defensive line that equates to the Sooners losing Adrian Peterson when they lost Brian Smith with a broken hip. On the other hand the Sooners defensive line has been coming around to preseason expectations over the last month. Advantage: Sooners

Linebackers: The Tigers have a huge talent in Marcus Bacon who leads the team in tackles has 4 ½ stops behind the line of scrimmage, three sacks, two interceptions, three fumble recoveries and five forced fumbles.

Unfortunately for Missouri Oklahoma has two linebackers who play at Bacon's level, Rufus Alexander and Zach Latimer. Oklahoma's linebackers struggled early in the season with tackles and the Tigers linebackers seem to be struggling as of late. Advantage: Sooners

Secondary: The Tigers have had some depth issues in their secondary with injuries and suspensions. The Sooners are still struggling with coverage assignments but are getting better each week and Nic Harris is becoming one of the most dominant players of the defensive side of the ball.
Advantage: Even

Special Teams: Oklahoma may have the second best place kicker in the league next to Colorado's Mason Crosby. Garrett Hartley leads the Big 12 with 13 field goals on 14 attempts, while the Sooners also lead the conference in kickoff coverage.

The Tigers on the other hand have had some struggles in getting their kick offs into the end zone game which could set up some big returns for the Sooners.  Advantage: Oklahoma

Predictions: There is no way that Missouri will be able to duplicate the atmosphere that the Sooners faced in Oregon and we all know that OU played well enough there to win that game. While Adrian Peterson is missing from the equation the defense is much better than when they played in Oregon and I think the Ducks are a better team than the Tigers.

The key for Oklahoma will be controlling the clock and limiting the amount of time the Missouri offense is allowed on the field. Even without Adrian Peterson I think OU can do that.

The Machine Predicts: OU 24 - Missouri 17