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Comments on the Tigers

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Here is what Bob Stoops and a few of the Sooner football playershad to say about each other and the upcoming game against the Missouri Tigers.

Bob Stoops

On the Missouri Game:
"We're excited about the challenge of going up there. They're a very good team, 7-1. Our players realize the challenge of it and the excitement of it. Our focus all week will be on our improvement. I felt we made improvement last week in some of the areas we wanted to. We need to continue this week to push ourselves to be sharper, play better and control things that we're able to control. That's what our emphasis will be the entire week."

On playing four of the last five games on the road:
"I guess it's better than playing four of your first five early in the season. I feel like we're more ready to handle it. But in the end, I don't pay much attention to scheduling. It doesn't matter to me. You're going to have to play sometime. No one gets to play them all at home. Whenever they say, `Go play,' we'll go play."

On defensive improvement:
"I said it earlier in the year, we weren't far off. Actually, there's a good stretch in all of those games -- we go back through the Oregon game and dissecting it -- the opening play of the game they're down at the four-yard line and they score. Then it's 20-13 in the third quarter. That's a team that scores a lot of points so there's a lot of parts of what we were doing early that were really good. But we weren't consistent enough or we gave up some big plays that hurt us.

"What we've done lately -- we haven't given up those big plays, we've been more consistent and been in a better position more often. We've tackled more. There isn't one area (that has improved).  I would say overall, we've just been more consistent."

On splitting time among the running backs:
"It depends on how it's going. I thought it went really well the other night. Each game is different. We have to be aware of (cramping) and what (Allen Patrick) is able to handle. And compliment him with the other guys--and we will as we go."

On Trent Williams:
"I do (feel comfortable with him). He's played well. He was in 33 or 34 snaps the other night against a good defense and he played well. He's doing a nice job."

On Missouri:
"Their quarterback is excellent. Chase Daniel does such a great job. He has such a quick release. He is smart where he goes with the football. He does a great job using Franklin, their tight end in different spots.

"Him (Daniel) distributing the ball is the biggest factor. We have got to be great in our coverage, and breaking on the ball.We have to try and get some pressure to him. But he does a good job of not taking sacks and getting rid of the football before you get to him. Hopefully, we can hurry him at different times and try and make him release it before he wants to, and try and disrupt him so some degree. He does an excellent job in the way he controls the game."

Quarterback Paul Thompson

On Missouri...
"They're a physical team, and they do have some of the bigger defensive backs so that's going to be a challenge for our receivers to get open because normally they're playing against guys that are a lot smaller not only in height but in weight.

"These guys have had some bigger cornerbacks so it's going to be some good match ups on the outside and solid upfront.  They'll be one of the better teams that we play this year and I'm looking forward to it especially on the road."

On Allen Patrick...
"I've definitely got a lot of respect for him. I told him I've been real appreciative of him after the game. I have a lot of confidence in him, and he went out there and proved not only to us but also to everybody that he's a quality running back. I knew AP was a workhorse when he got here and we knew he'd be successful at whatever position he plays.

"I wouldn't say he's too quiet. he's starting to become more of a vocal leader for this team. I think he'll be one of the main leaders for this team next year. It's different on the field than off the field. In the locker room he's joking and having fun, but on the field he's asking questions and getting things straight. He's definitely real animated, but on the field he's one of the leaders of this team and very vocal."

Playing on the road...
"I think we are prepared. Playing out at Oregon was our first away games this year and it was real loud. There were a lot of anticipations on that game, and I think we came out of that game real confident and we feel confident about where we're at now.

"So we have that experience with us now, and I think going to Missouri will be very similar. I think the fans will be a little further out. We just have to make sure we block out all of the extra stuff and eliminate the mental errors. I know that they're excited to play us and we're excited to play them.

"Nationally ranked teams will be a big game regardless of who's playing who. It'll be a big game overall. Everyone will be real excited for this game. Every game is critical, as this one is a Big 12 game so we want to try and stay on top of it. I'm excited for our offense to get out there and prove what we can do."

Corner Marcus Walker

On Missouri QB Chase Daniel:
"He's a very good quarterback. He's used to winning football--he's from a great high school in Texas. He is very prepared and he knows how to win."

On Missouri:
"Every game is a big game in college football. It's that time of the season when everything is crucial. You can't have any mistakes. It's a big game to us, too. We'll be ready to go Saturday.

"They have a very talented offense -- a very talented quarterback and receivers. We're looking forward to stepping up and playing good defense."