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Sooner Basketball Begins in 5 Days

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The beginning of the Jeff Capel era is less than a week away and while we have no idea what to expect we are still beaming with anticipation.

This year's men's hoops team will not feature depth but it will feature talent. Make no mistake, OU has enough talent to finish higer than their projected 9th place by the confrence coaches. Unlike year's past this team won't feature size and strength inside rather it will feature speed and press defense. Its safe to say that the more comfortable the guys get with Capel's system the more comfortable Capel gets with the guys.

According to Junior David Godbold things are beginning to click for the Sooners as they are learning Capel's style of play.

"It's starting to slow down," Godbold said. "He was putting in a lot of stuff at first. Now he's just going one-by-one, making sure everybody has it. By the time we get to next Tuesday, we should be in midseason form almost."

I don't think we should expect "midseason form" but I also don't think we should expect the Sooners to come out looking like a YMCA league team either. As far as expectations go Oklahoma basketball fans should be openended on the matter. Don't look forward to the NCAA Tournament or even the NIT for that matter. Look forward to a new brand of basketball in Norman and a team that improves from game to game. It's my opinion that if that's what we see on the court then post-season play will follow.

Tuesday night it will be Capel who will be on display more than the actual basketball team and opportunity is knocking at the door for the young coach. Opportunity is the best part of college basketball and the Sooners have the opportunity to give fans something special this season.