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Carl Pendleton is My New Hero

The Sooners defensive tackle will forgo his senior year at Oklahoma not for the NFL draft but to take care of some family business, most notably his 10-year-old brother.

It was announced today that Pendleton will receive one of the nine $18,000 Scholar-Athlete Post-Graduate Scholarships from the National Football Founation and College Hall of Fame. The scholarship removes the need for Pendleton's football scholarship which will allow him the time he needs to care for his younger brother whom he gained custody of over the summer.

"With the new responsibility of raising my younger, brother I realize that football is not the best choice for me," Pendleton said. "Football was a way for me to get my education. Graduate school will allow me to further my education and allow me more time to spend raising my brother without having to play football."

"He has become my center."

Way to go Carl! While we will miss you on the field the Sooner Nation applauds this decision louder than anything else you have done at the University of Oklahoma.