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Comments From Tigers Coach Gary Pinkel

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Here's what Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel had to say about his team and Saturday's game against the Sooners.

On Ziggy Hood and stepping up after the loss of defensive end Brian Smith:

"Ziggy's back. We moved him back up to starter and we adjusted our defensive line. Everybody's going to have to step it up a little more, it's not just the defensive line, but the entire defense. You lose a guy like Smitty and everybody's got to do more. Linebackers have got to play better, safeties have got to play better, corners have got to play better, and the offense has to play better. When you lose a great player like that, you have to deal with that."

Injury update:
"Brock Christopher had a slight knee sprain. He's going to be fine, and he's going to be 100 percent. Domonique Johnson, I don't think he will play this week, There's an outside chance and Trenile Washington will not play this week. As we get into the next week, both of them look more like they'll be ready at that time."

On Oklahoma:
"Looking at Oklahoma, it's the same program, just different players from the last time we played them. There are just a lot of great football players on the team. They've done a great job recruiting. They've had some difficulties. Obviously the quarterback situation they had this year, and Adrian Peterson, their tailback, and they have some other adjustments to make. I'm very impressed with how they've handled this as a football team, but I would not expect anything less from Bob Stoops because he's good at what he does. Defensively, they just keep getting better and better every week. They're one of the top defenses in the league right now and one of the top defenses in the nation. They've improved and have good players, and it'll be a great challenge for us. We're certainly excited about being in this position, you work very hard for this. We're glad we're playing at Mizzou and this is very exciting for us. Obviously we want to play well and we're going to have to play well. It will be a great challenge for our football team."