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Fact or Fiction - Colorado

Checking in to play this week's edition of Fact or Fiction is Marc from Remember, Fact or Fiction is where I come up with a few statements about a team and the guest blogger tells us why the statements are fact or fiction. Thanks Mark for playing this week!

Colorado fans are losing faith in new head coach Dan Hawkins.

When Hawkins was first announced as the new head coach for the Colorado Football program, many fans were confident that Hawkins' success, especially on offense, would directly translate into continued success for the Buffs.  While the patience of many fans is being tried, I think that most fans believe that Coach Hawk will ultimately prove to be an effective coach here.

The Colorado offense is one dimensional.

If your offense can't complete a pass, it is by default, one dimensional.  However, Jackson's performance against Texas Tech showed great improvement.  Going 11 of 17 for 151 yards, 2 touchdowns and no picks, Jackson may have turned the corner.  While those stats aren't exactly lofty, they were effective enough to keep the defense honest and allow Charles, Holiday and Jackson to combine for 228 rushing yards on 46 attempts.  The group averaged 4.9 yards a carry with Charles leading the way boasting a 7 yard average.

Colorado's defense is underrated.

In a year when offensive scores of any kind have been few and far between, the Buff's D has kept them in every game.  Culminating in their best show yet, holding the vaunted TT passing game to 245 yards on 45 attempts.  (One of those completions, a screen, went for 54 yards.)  Throw in three drive killing picks and the Red Raiders didn't have much of a chance. Oh and by the way we held TT to 31 yards rushing

Without Adrian Peterson on the field the Buffaloes have no idea how to defend Oklahoma.

Any college football fan hates to see a star player go down.  On the bright side for Peterson, this isn't a career threatening injury and  his future is still very  bright.

Without Adrian Peterson of the field, the Sooners have no idea how to run their offense.  The Sooners will have to find a way to replace 177 ypg of offense (not even counting special teams play).   The buffs have 5 games from the 2005 season where Peterson did not start to look at.  This is one situation where game planning for the unknown may be easier than planning for the known.

Colorado will have to run the ball to beat Oklahoma.

Absolutely the Buffs will have to run the ball, and well, to beat Oklahoma.  The trick to accomplishing that will be the buffs passing efficiency.  In order to keep OU from stacking 8 men in the box, the Buffs will have to be at least moderately successful on some quick passes to the flats and the occasional medium range pass down field.  If the Buffs can spread the defense, look for Hugh Charles to have great success with the running lanes up the middle.

The Colorado football program is better off now as opposed to a year ago.

This is the though question.  If the only measuring stick is on the field success, then the program is obviously far, worse off.  However, very few people are so myopic as to believe that winning is the only goal of a college football program.  The very fact that CU has had no on or off the field disruptions this year speaks highly of Hawkins ability to coach these young men in matters of character and life.  

The winning will come, but it should always be a secondary goal.