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Scouting the Longhorns Offense

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Its game week again for the Sooners and the next opponent is Texas. Make no mistake, we hate Texas but we also respect them as our enemy. The Longhorns are loaded with talent and can hurt you in various ways both on offense and defense.

Both Oklahoma and Texas have played nationally televised games against top tier opponents so I'm not expecting to see anything new from either team, unless Oklahoma finally puts in a running package for Paul Thompson. If they don't do it this week then they won't at all this season.

Texas Quarterbacks
The Longhorn quarterbacks don't scare me. Colt McCoy is the started and has been efficient this season completing 71.1% of his passes for 846 yards, 10 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The Longhorns won't ask McCoy to win the game for them they'll just ask him not to lose it. I give the quarterback advantage to Oklahoma.

Texas Offensive Line
This is the strength of the Longhorn offense. Led by seniors Justin Blalock (tackle), Kasey Studdard (guard) and Lyle Sendlein (center) the Texas offensive line is experienced, strong and athletic. Advantage Texas.

Texas Running Backs
Everyone remembers Jamaal Charles going 80 yards against the Sooners in last year's game. He is fast and the Sooners are going to have to tackle him by wrapping him up and not trying to knock him down. A missed tackle against Charles could easily turn into another 80 yard highlight.

Selvin Young will split time Charles at running back. Combined they have 95 carries for 577 yards. Young is speedy as well but has struggled at times with hanging on to the ball.

The Longhorn running backs are good but they are no Adrian Peterson. Like I said everyone remembers Charles going 80 yards last year but most Texas fans tried their best to forget Peterson's 225 yards the year before. He is healthy again this year and that gives the advantage to Oklahoma.

Texas Receivers
The Longhorns have three receivers with triple digit receiving yards. The most talented of that trio is Limas Sweed who leads the team with 19 receptions for 340 yards and 5 touchdowns. The Oklahoma secondary will have to know where Sweed is at all times. Texas will feature a rush first attack but when the do pass Sweed will be McCoy's first option.

I don't know if there is an advantage here for one team or the other. Oklahoma also has three receivers in triple digits in yardage including Malcolm Kelly who has been every bit as impressive as Sweed. I'm calling this one a wash.