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Colorado's Offense vs. Oklahoma's Defense

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By the Numbers
Colorado scores an average of 15.7 points per game which is good enough to rank them last in the Big 12 in scoring offense. Oklahoma's defense allows 18 points per game ranking them 6th in the Big 12 in scoring defense.

Initially it appears to be a good match-up for the Sooner defense but looking at the numbers we see a different story. In the passing game the Buffaloes have only thrown for 824 yards all season, an averaging of 117.7 yards per game, which is you guessed it, last in the Big 12. For the season Colorado has thrown for three touchdowns to five interceptions.

Against the pass the Sooners have given up the fewest yards of any other team in the conference (1022). Oklahoma is also second in the conference in passing yards allowed per game (170.3). The Sooners have allowed seven touchdowns and have snagged six interceptions.

When it comes to rushing the ball the Buffaloes are more than efficient. Ranking fifth in the conference with 1,174 total rushing yards Colorado is also sixth in rushing yards per game with an average of 167.7 yards. CU averages 4.2 yards per rush and the Buffs have eight rushing touchdowns.

Oklahoma's rush defense is improving! The Sooners have moved up to fifth in the conference in total rushing yards allowed (737) but are still eighth in yards allowed per game (122.8). The Sooners defense is allowing opposing teams 3.7 yards per carry and has given up five rushing touchdowns.

It's not a good match-up for Oklahoma it's a great match-up if the Sooners can stop the Colorado rushing attack.

What to Expect
The Colorado passing game is just above atrocious and jus below mediocre. For Colorado to have a chance to win they are going to have to run the ball effectively. The Buffaloes aren't like Iowa State who can just come out passing the ball but they can set up their passing game with an effective rushing attack.

Oklahoma can squelch Colorado's chances of winning by containing the run and forcing the Buffs to play from behind. Oklahoma will have to be aware of the play-action but they absolutely cannot give up yards on the ground.

Last week the defensive tackles were making plays on the ball and that will have to continue this week but the linebackers will have to be the playmakers on defense Saturday for the defense to be successful.