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Oklahoma's Offense vs. Iowa State's Defense

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By the Numbers
Defense certainly isn't the strength of the Iowa State football team. The Cyclones are dead last in the conference in total defense giving up 378.2 yards per game and last in scoring defense allowing 28.7 points per game.

In contrast Oklahoma's offense ranks 5th in the conference in total offense gaining 399.8 yards per game and 6th in scoring offense putting up 32.6 points per game.

Iowa State has given up a total of 1394 yards through the air ranking them 10th in the conference. They are allowing teams to pass for 232.3 yards per game which is in the neighborhood of what the Sooner passing attack yields per game. Oklahoma's passing attack is 10th overall in the conference with 1154 yards but 7th in yards per game averaging 230.8 yards.  

As good as the match-up may be for Oklahoma's passing game its even better for the rushing attack! The Cyclones are again last in the conference in total rushing yards allowed (875) and yards allowed per game (145.8). Oklahoma is running the ball 37 times per game for an average of 169 yards, well above the average Iowa State is giving up.

What to Expect
There is no reason to believe that Iowa State won't defend Oklahoma the same way every other team has this season by stacking the box and daring Paul Thompson to do that. The problem for the Cyclones is going to be that they just don't have the personnel to make it work.

Even against a stacked line Adrian Peterson is going to break tackles and make long runs. The play-action pass to the tight ends will be open for Oklahoma any time they want to use it and the Sooners will have the athletes at receiver to stretch the field as well.

This translates into a lot of points for the Sooners and not a lot of defensive stops for the Cyclones.